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Welcome to the website of Gerardimontium, the local history society of Geraardsbergen (Grammont) in Flanders, the northern or Dutch speaking part of Belgium. Since we are interested in local histor, our core activities are largely related to historical studies, published either in books or, for shorter articles, in “Gerardimontium” which is the bimonthly magazine of our association.

At present, Geraardsbergen -in the 16 th and 17 th centuries called Gerardimontium or (in vernacular language) Gheertsberghe (=Geraardsbergen) - includes two entities which are important from the (local) historical point of view: firstly, the medieval town (founded in 1067-1070). Which at this moment, is known as “Geraardsbergen-centrum” (= town centre) and was in former times, besides Aalst, one of the two towns of the so called “Land van Aalst” in the county of Flanders. Further, the seigniory-barony of Boelare; this is the territory of the majority of the 16 villages or municipalities which form, in addition to Geraardsbergen (centre), the components of the present town. These villages are : Goeferdinge, Idegem, Nederboelare, Nieuwenhove, Onkerzele, Overboelare, Smeerebbe, Vloerzegem, Waarbeke, Grimminge, Moerbeke, Ophasselt, Schendelbeke, Viane, Zandbergen, Zarlardinge. Before the French revolution of 1789, all these, except Schendelbeke and Grimminge, were, in most cases directly, dependent on the seigniory-barony of Boelare.

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